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Axionent Inc. is a pioneer in Mobile based Loyalty systems, Pre-Paid/ NFC Transportation Ticketing systems, Electronic Toll Ticketing systems and Branch-less Banking Systems. With offices in USA and Sri Lanka, the Company is a trail-blazer in state-of-the-art mobile technologies and solutions. The Near Field Communication (NFC) based, Mobile-enabled transaction platforms developed by Axionent have indeed made a radical transformation in Loyalty solutions and mobile apps for the Restaurant, Leisure and Retail sectors, Transportation Ticketing, Toll Ticketing, Banking and Micro Finance sectors. Today, the Company’s solutions process millions of transactions daily in the different industries and verticals it serves.

Our Products

Mobile Payment Platform for
On-Field Payment Collection

Banking no longer demands brick and mortar branches and drawn-out payment systems. The 'Mobile Payment Platform for On-Field Payment Collection' now enables branchless banking and access to finance, stepping out of the conventional banking module. Loan recoveries and bill payments can now be done in a breeze with minimum risk and delays even from the most remote locations.

NFC/MOBILE/RFID Handheld POS Ticketing Platform

Prepaid transit has never been more convenient. The Handheld POS Ticketing Platform provides solutions for passengers and bus owners for cashless payments, real-time data, revenue, clearing house & logistics information with unique passenger notification systems. Step onboard for a hassle-free ride.

NFC/MOBILE/RFID Enabled Toll Ticketing Platform

With an interconnected central server, the 'Mobile Toll Ticketing Platform' is a state-of-the-art mechanism that allows for seamless cash or cashless transactions, real-time data communication and a comprehensive data analytics platform for tollways. Toll ticketing systems have now been revolutionized with a whole new level of convenience and reliability where easy to setup, turnkey mobile platforms eliminate the need for costly brick and mortar based investments for toll ticketing systems.

Customer Loyalty and Enterprise Efficiency Platform

Gain access to a reservoir of customer data analytics, whilst maintaining a satisfied customer base with uniquely crafted loyalty schemes that will have your customer coming back to you. The ideal solution for rewards on the go and to give personalized attention to your customers likes and dislikes. Real-time location based targeted marketing, social media integration and other robust features makes this a brand catalyst for any applicable business.

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