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3 Million Daily Transactions
Was Just The Start

Axionent Inc. is the the pioneer in Mobile based transportation ticketing systems and the highway toll ticketing system in Sri Lanka. The Company is a trail- blazer and a critical partner in Sri Lanka’s fast-growing electronic ticketing eco-system. The Near Field Communication (NFC) and RFID-based, Mobile-enabled transaction platforms developed by Axionent have indeed made a radical transformation to Sri Lanka’s Transportation Ticketing, Toll Ticketing, Loyalty and Micro Finance sectors. Today, the Company’s solutions process millions of transactions daily in the different industries and verticals we serve.

Mobile Payment Platform for
On-Field Payment Collection

Enabling on-field payment collections for Micro-Financers and other financial institutions, Axionent integrates its mobile payment platform across scalable branch networks while its core banking system facilitates on-field collections.

NFC/MOBILE/RFID Handheld POS Ticketing Platform

The solution processes over 3 million transactions per day in the public transportation sector of Sri Lanka with deployments in over 4,500 buses. The solution comprises of a robust front-end powered by an industry leading Near Field Communication (NFC) based POS unit complemented by highly scalable software.

NFC/MOBILE/RFID Enabled Toll Ticketing Platform

The dynamic Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled toll ticketing system designed by Axionent is an innovative solution that seamlessly utilizes and amalgamates cutting edge technologies in the payment industry with enablement of over the air updates.

Customer Loyalty and Enterprise Efficiency Platform

The Customer Loyalty and Enterprise Efficiency Platform is an end-all customer engagement development solution focused on enterprise efficiency facilitation. The solution drives customer loyalty in the three broad areas of acquisition, engagement and retention, while being impressively resource efficient.

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