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Who We are

Axionent is a fast-growing, innovative IT/Software Company offering trail-blazing mobile solutions in a variety of industry verticals. With offices in the USA and Sri Lanka, the company has extensive experience in mobile based transaction and loyalty systems, Pre-Paid/NFC transportation & toll collection systems, as well as automated mobile banking systems.

Established in 2010, Axionent is an Access Group Company. Access International (Pvt) Ltd. is one of Sri Lanka's largest blue-chip and most respected business conglomerates operating in a variety of diversified sectors and industries. The group's strength and stability have greatly assisted the Company in its meteoric rise within USA & Sri Lanka.

Axionent solutions are designed to monetize the digital world, extending and scaling as and when the Internet of Things (IoT) evolve. With the future looking in to rapid growth of embedded systems, we strongly believe that businesses will change the way they work and the services they offer. With our access to cloud based services, our promise is to deliver innovation to businesses in order to increase their profitability and customer satisfaction. We love challenges! With over 8 years in the industry and processing millions of transactions daily using NFC/RFID, GPS and latest mobile technologies, we are ready to take on your next big technology challenge.

Our dynamic team comprises individuals with years of experience working with Fortune 500 software multi-nationals in the USA. Their creativity, business acumen, technical expertise and above all their passion for excellence can seldom be matched.

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To Make Technology the most Profitable Enabler of any Business

Why Axionent?

Enterprise Grade Software Products and Services
We are committed to our customers and provide support to some of the most recognized service provider brands, Government Authorities and Private Sector Blue Chip Companies in Sri Lanka. Our talented team delivers solutions, support and expertise to the business sectors we serve islandwide.
Looking Beyond
With the world rapidly advancing towards a digital transformation, we at Axionent are dedicated to developing innovative software solutions to meet the challenges of global service providers in Transportation, Ticketing, Loyalty, Micro Finance and Transactions from around the world. We constantly work with our customers to ensure the successful implementation of their growth strategies.

Meet Our Management Team

With a vast range of knowledge and experience across various business verticals, Axionent has a composition of masterminds heading its crew. With a clear-cut vision, strategies are formulated, to provide value through customized, state-of-the-art business solutions.

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